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  • Substation design and installations: activities ranging from erection of steel gantries and equipment support structures, stringing of conductors for the different bay sections as required, power transformer assembling, filtration and testing, circuit breaker installation, cable schedule interpretation, laying of cables and termination, substation earthing design and installation, indoor control panel assembling, termination and testing and all other technical requirements for successful installation of a substation.
  • Design, supervision and installation of both internal and external electrification works (i.e installation of distribution transformers, streetlight, 11kV / 33kV lines, Underground cable laying and domestic wiring).
  • Surge protection (Electrostatic Indelec, and copper tape arrestors)
  • Earth System: These are designed, installed and tested systems to meet standard earth resistance requirement.
  • Energy Audits of various kinds depending on the required need for such audit.


  • Sources of DC power, other than Generator, such as Rectifiers, UPS, and etc can be supplied by our Agents (Locally or International) and subsequently installed by our team of experienced workers.
  • Installation of inverter and UPS systems as backup power source for homes, hotels, banks, offices, etc.

(C) Access Control System and Security Gadget Installation

  • Security Systems which includes CCTV, Access Controls, Burglary Alarm, Electric Fencing, etc.
  • Safety Systems such as fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, safety signages, supply of safety equipment and kits, etc

(D) Computer and Network Engineers

  • Web Hosting and Design
  • Procurement and Repairs of Hardware
  • Software Creation and Installation.
  • Networking of Systems within Organization.
  • Smart Home devices connected to the Internet of things


  • The Company’s management has established very good relationship with major local Generator Companies / Agents. A pool of experienced technicians is always on hand for installation as per client needs relating to flow switch, fuel /water separator, etc. Outboard tanks to any capacity can be fabricated to complement fuel supply.
  • Our services include carrying out an energy audit to determine appropriate size of generator required.
  • Fabrication and installation of soundproof for control of noise level.
  • Synchronization of Generators to improve efficiency and reduce cost of maintenance of the generators.


  • Our service includes design and installation of Off- grid stand alone and Hybrid solar systems for homes, schools, hospitals, offices, etc to meet world best practices.
  • Design and installation of small bulk solar power source (Mini Grids) for small communities.
  • Design and installation of solar water pumping systems for domestic and irrigation purposes.
  • Design and installation of solar street lights


  • Communication Systems such as Intercom services, Internet Access Points, etc.
  • Multimedia Systems such as Public Address Systems (PAS), Projectors and accessories, etc.
  • Wireless Nurse Call System in Hospitals

 Dstv/TV installations(Piping, Cabling and fittings) for hotels, estates, companies and household units central distributions networking as well as single unit networking.



  • Training Services which includes development of training manuals and delivery of top quality training on a wide range of electrical engineering fields like Energy Audits, Transformers, Switch gears, Solar Energy, Protection, Motor control, HSE, Metering, Generators, etc.



  • HVAC services
  • Energy Economics and Power Plant design and installation
  • General electrical Installation Services
  • Facility Maintenance and Management which includes Preparation of maintenance schedules and manual.
  • Valuation of plants and machinery.
  • Quality control.
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